Andre Rinaldo Senna Garraffoni

Our research aims to study zoological taxa, such as Gastrotricha, Tardigrada, Kinorhyncha and Rotifera (also know as lesser-known protostome taxa) in oder to better understand the distinct evolutionary and biogeographical aspects of these freshwater and marine meiofauna organisms. Our ideia is integrate the distinct dimensions of meiofauna biodiversity - genetics, function, and phylogeny -based on in a broad framework that permits us to explore taxonomy, biogeography, molecular biology and evolutionary history

Danilo Ciccone Miguel

My main interest in basic research is focused on understanding the mechanisms that allow Leishmania to survive in the intracellular environment. In our Lab, we also study the efficacy of several compounds aiming at the discovery of novel/repurposed drugs for leishmaniasis treatment.…

Patricia Jacqueline Thyssen

Biology, ecology and taxonomy of Diptera and Coleoptera of forensic importance. Larval therapy. Insect vectors and pests.