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Agenda IB

Elizabeth Bilsland

The current COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of our society to infections diseases. Whilst the current media focus is centered on SARS-CoV2, we must be prepared for the threat posed by drug-resistant parasites, fungi, and bacteria. The Synthetic Biology Laboratory (LaBS) was established in 2016 and is based on synthetic biology as a tool for drug discovery, using yeast and bacteria as hosts for heterologous expression and a platform for genome-wide screens. We have 3 well-established lines of investigation, which can further be improved and rapidly yield results. We are also introducing a novel highly ambitious line of research, taking advantage of our strong international collaboration network, for the development of novel antimicrobials inspired by secondary metabolites from native actinomycetes, filamentous fungi, or plant species.

Ana Paula Couto Davel

Our primary research focus is to understand functional and molecular mechanism underlying vascular complications on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as obesity, undernutrition and dyslipidemias. The laboratory uses in vivo and in vitro experimental approaches including blood pressure measurement, the study of vascular function and structure, and biochemical and molecular biology methods.

Andre Rinaldo Senna Garraffoni

Our research aims to study zoological taxa, such as Gastrotricha, Tardigrada, Kinorhyncha and Rotifera (also know as lesser-known protostome taxa) in oder to better understand the distinct evolutionary and biogeographical aspects of these freshwater and marine meiofauna organisms. Our ideia is integrate the distinct dimensions of meiofauna biodiversity - genetics, function, and phylogeny -based on in a broad framework that permits us to explore taxonomy, biogeography, molecular biology and evolutionary history