Extension services

Extension services

These activities include all the main and related areas of Biological Sciences, strictly integrated with other activities of the university, with the view of attending academic interests and those of society.



The Institute of Biology offers services in the following areas:


- Ultra-structural studies;


- Detection of parasites and pathogens in clinical and environmental samples, in foodstuffs;


- DNA sequencing and confection of biochips;


- Biological tests and assays concerning invertebrates.


- Analysis and biological activity of Interleucine 2


- Amino acid analysis and development of purification methods for proteins and peptides;


- Floristic surveys, identification of plants and training in techniques for plant identification.


- Evaluation of the photoprotective potential and toxicity of bioactive and nano-structured substances;


- Histological analyses;


- Diagnosis of viral and bacterial agents and analysis of antiviral and antibacterial products;


- Biochemical analyses of the extracellular matrix;


- Development and establishment of diagnostics and immunodiagnostics;


- Production of immuno-reagents and development of diagnostic kits and immunological chemicals.


- Material for the teaching of genetics and evolution;


- Assessment of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of chemical products;


- Neuroimmunology;


- Analysis of coffee samples and other materials.



The Institute of Biology also offer several Extension and Specializaton Courses (www.extecamp.unicamp.br).

Digital Library of Sciences (DLS)


The DLS publishes digital material such as softwares, videos, programs of audio, images and supplementary texts, etc., for the teaching of Science, Biology and associated disciplines. The DLS has a peer review system. All material published by the DLS is free access.